BlueComm Capabilities & Applications

New developments in light emitting diodes (LEDs) have made omnidirectional underwater communication practical. Subsea optical communication has advantages in transmitting significant amounts of data at high speeds and operating autonomous robots. These technology advances provide economical solutions and a competitive advantage.



BlueComm is a wireless, high-speed optical communications technology that can transfer data underwater at broadband speeds. Coupled with a 6G acoustic downlink, BlueComm allows for the extraction of large amounts of data in an energy efficient manner and supports the transmission of camera imagery and high definition video in real-time.


  • Up to 20 Mbps data rate
  • Up to 200 meters range
  • Suitable for shallow or deep water applications
  • Highly energy efficient providing long battery life
  • Integrated data logger enables data to be recorded locally
  • Integrated long range acoustic communications and positioning
  • Data recovery via AUV, ROV or surface deployed dunking system



  • High speed data harvesting from seabed observatories
  • Tetherless ROV / AUV vehicle control
  • Live streaming from remote subsea cameras during operations
  • Umbilical-free command and control of seabed instruments
  • Wireless intervention using ROVs and AUVs